About Us

index~~element71Originally named “The Crossbow”, “The Barkley Restaurant” opened in 1951 at the corner of Huntington Drive and Fremont in South Pasadena, California.

In 1993, the restaurant was purchased by the late radio humorist, Roger Barkley and was renamed “The Barkley Restaurant”. In 1997, former waiter Carlos Quezada and busboy Luis Cruz purchased “The Barkley Restaurant”. Soon after in 1999, a sandwich on the menu was named Award-Winning Basic Barkley after winning the “Best in L.A.” award by the Los Angeles Magazine.

This friendly neighborhood restaurant is a favorite to both locals and out-of-towners, where customers feel right at home at its graceful curving semi-circular full bar and tables with neatly folded napkins and sparkling glasses. “The Barkley Restaurant” has been featured in many different publications, newspapers, magazines, blog spots, and other food reviews on the web. South Pasadena Mayor David Sifuentes proclaimed June, 17th 2009 “The Barkley Restaurant” Day in the city of South Pasadena. 

Adding to “The Barkley Restaurant’s” history, San Gabriel Valley native brothers Daniel and Frankie De La Torre purchased the restaurant in 2012. Allying with Johansen sisters Corina “Bug” and Priscilla (also San Gabriel Valley natives), they continue to provide outstanding service, preserving and enhancing the tradition of warm hospitality and generosity that this restaurant has delivered through the decades.